Temperature Guide

The appearance of the steaks, based upon the internal temperatures of the steak after resting / “ideal”, as shown below:

The “Remove” temperature on the left is the target temperature to remove from heat source. The “Ideal” temperature on the right is the ideal internal temperature after resting. Note these are the recommendations of our professional chefs, not the official recommendations of the USDA.

RARE:   Light Crust, Red throughout, Cool Center | Remove: 114F | Ideal: 120F

MEDIUM RARE:   Crisp Crust, Mostly Pink with Warm Red Center | Remove: 119F | Ideal: 127F

MEDIUM:   Extra Crisp Crust, Pink Center | Remove: 129F | Ideal: 139F

MEDIUM WELL:   Charred Crust, Mostly Tan with Slight Pink Center | Remove: 137F | Ideal: 149F

WELL DONE:   Extra Charred Crust, Tan Throughout | Remove: 145F | Ideal: 160F