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Churchill's Steakhouse is renowned for serving the finest carefully trimmed, Master Butcher inspected, and uniquely aged USDA Prime Steaks available. Churchill's Steaks continues this tradition by offering top-notch USDA Prime/Choice Steaks and other quality proteins.  Authentic Steakhouse quality Steaks for home cooking and grilling!

CUT GUIDE: Explore Popular Cuts


Ribeye Steak
Carved from the heart of the USDA Prime rib roast, these magnificent steaks are richly marbled, producing outstanding flavor when the fat melts and mingles with the meat as it cooks. Each succulent bite will remind you of how truly unique these steaks are.

New York Strip

New York Strip Steak
The New York Strip Steak is the ultimate steak lover’s steak. It is rich, bold, and intense in flavor yet tender and juicy with a truly satisfying bite. Our USDA Prime New York’s are sourced from the finest breeds and feeding programs in the Country, then meticulously aged in our own unique process. Each loin is carefully selected, closely trimmed, and hand cut to our demanding specifications.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon Steak
The Filet is, by far, the most tender and rarest of all cuts of beef. Each of our USDA Prime Filet’s is meticulously trimmed of all exterior fat and expertly hand cut from the heart of the tenderloin where the ribbons of rich marbling produce an intense, buttery flavor.