Gas Grills

Generally, gas grills are the most difficult broilers to judge as the different types offer such a wide difference in the amount of BTU’s they produce. For cooking steak, the higher the heat source, the better. Like Charcoal grills, the bottom heat source, especially with Prime beef, generally melts the fat into the flame which can cause flare-up. The following methods are suggested:

1. Heat your gas grill to “high” for 5 minutes with the lid closed prior to cooking to ensure the grill grates are hot. Turn a section of your grill in the off position creating a two-zone grill, preferably the middle section.

2. Place the oiled and seasoned steaks directly over the coals to sear for two minutes per side, watching carefully to avoid flare-ups. Once the steaks have seared and caramelized to a golden brown, move the steaks to the side with no coals and place the lid back on the grill with the vents open. This will allow the steaks to roast.