How are your steaks shipped?

Churchill’s Gift Box Steaks are shipped in an insulated package. Inside this package, recipients will find a beautiful gift box inclusive of a bottom foam layer, gel packs to keep the product frozen, and a top layer of dye-cut foam that cradles the product perfectly. The steaks will remain frozen for approximately three days after they leave our facility. We ship via UPS and FedEx with rapid dispatch and delivery options available.

Once shipped, a tracking number will be sent to you via email.

The steaks are individually vacuum-packed and cryogenically frozen. Upon arrival, they should be placed in the freezer or refrigerator. The steaks will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to two weeks after arrival or for up to six months if maintained frozen. To thaw, place the packaged steaks in the refrigerator for three days or, if needed sooner, place the packaged steaks on an inverted metal tray at room temperature for one hour then turn the steaks over and continue for another hour.

Where does your meat come from?

While there are over 80 breeds of cattle grown in the U.S., Churchill’s stipulates that all beef purchased under our name be at least 51% from either Angus or Hereford breeds. These breeds are specifically known for the texture of their meat and their ability to develop intramuscular fat, recognized as marbling.

Beyond choosing the breed, we also select the facilities from where they come prior to processing. Once cattle come off the ranch where they have matured on grass, the rancher transitions them to a feed specialist to be given a richer diet.  This nutrition is generally based on the availability of product grown close to the facility where they are housed. We believe that cattle finished on a diet rich in corn, barley, and alfalfa result in far better flavor than cattle finished on other starches and grains. Among the hundreds of feedlots around the country, we have chosen five whose feed ration and practices fit our criteria.  Each of these lots is located in the Midwest, where corn is plentiful.

How soon will I receive my packages?

We offer a variety of expedited shipping speeds at checkout. Orders leave our facility quickly. All orders placed before 12PM PST are shipped same day and remaining orders the morning after. Weekend and Holiday orders will ship the next business day.

Where will Churchill's ship?

Churchill's currently ships anywhere in the United States and in Canada.

How are the steaks aged?

Our steaks are subject to two different forms of aging. They are first wet-aged for about a month, then they are dry-aged to enhance tenderness and remove excess water mass. Each steak is dry-aged according to a time formula unique to the cut, which we derive from extensive testing to achieve the perfectly aged steak every time.

Will Churchill's be offering steaks for home BBQ?

Yes, we are currently in the process of creating a Home BBQ line.

What is a Churchill's Gift Box?

Churchill's Gift Boxes are luxury steak gift boxes that include four of our highest-quality Prime steaks, herbed butter, and steak rub. These gift boxes were designed to make an impression for your chosen recipient, with absolutely every detail, from design to flavor, carefully considered and perfected.

What are my ordering options?

You can order your Churchill's Steaks here on our secured site, or for orders with multiple recipients, you may call us to place an order at 844.592.6469.